Finding Manufacturers

go to alibaba


  • at least 3 years in business
  • MOQ less than 500

Ask for:

  • example photos of similar products they have made for other customers
  • full catalog of relevant products
    • they can usually make a LOT more than what they advertise on their page. And they can even usually make things beyond even their catalog. Just assume the sky is the limit.
  • material/color swatches (SAVE THESE)
  • photos and approval before mass production
  • adding your tag
  • in-house packaging

Top Tips & Things To Know:

  • Know what you want
    • This can be hard especially when you don't know what their capabilities are, but just assume they can do ANYTHING. If you want a hat make, make sure you have the design ready, fonts used, colors wanted, and tag design.
  • Enter your tax exempt info
    • Since you will be reselling these products, you are exempt from paying sales tax
  • Send inquiries to multiple manufacturers before you settle on one
    • compare prices, time frame, and vibes (not a joke! the ones that are the easiest to work with from the start will give you the smoothest and most successful manufacturing experience)
  • Shipping methods
    • Most have the option of shipping by air or by sea. By air is fastest (several days compared to several weeks/months) but is a LOT more expensive than shipping by sea. Weigh these options and air on the side of caution when it comes to timing.
  • Timelines vary widely
    • It may take 1 week for one manufacturer to produce 100 hats for you while it takes a month for a different manufacturer to produce 100 earrings. Make sure you are asking them the anticipated shipment date and delivery time and never assume that any of this will be the same from one manufacturer or even one product to another. 


The Process: