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Fake Cake Fancy Lighters

Fake Cake Fancy Lighters

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Light up your parties with Fake Cake Fancy Lighters! These unique lighters are disguised as colorful little cakes, but open up to reveal a refillable lighter. So you can have your cake and light it too! 🎉

Each lighter is upcycled from imperfect inventory! Decorated by hand by me!

Clean with soap and warm water.

These lighters are the perfect gift for your favorite stoner (even if that is yourself) - or ahem...candle enthusiast.

The only lighter you will ever need! These lighters are refillable using standard lighter fluid. No more disposable lighters creating waste! Woohoo!!!

NOTE - the lighter will come empty and will not light right out of the box. You will have to get lighter fluid and fill 'er up yourself. 

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