High Horse Tie Dye Refillable Lighter

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Kacey Musgraves please notice me.

These lighters are the perfect gift for your favorite stoner (even if that is yourself) - or ahem...candle enthusiast.

The graphic is edge to edge on the front side of the lighter and plain white on all other sides (the metal itself is white).

The only lighter you will ever need! These lighters are refillable using standard lighter fluid. No more disposable lighters creating waste! Woohoo!!!

NOTE - the lighter will come empty and will not light right out of the box. You will have to get lighter fluid and fill 'er up yourself. There are some really great tutorials on youtube on how to do that if you are unfamiliar, and you can also just message me if you need help! But please please be safe!!!

The flame is resilient and cannot be "blown" out. You have to close the lighter to put out the flame.

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