Cause A Stir Aprons

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Get out your stand mixer and take a stand! It's time we cause a stir!

Each apron features an original design (created by me!) of a retro woman baking with text reading "Let's Cause A Stir"

These aprons are made of 100% twill cotton, have been hand-dyed to the perfect peachy pink color and set with a color fixative. Please note that each apron's color may be differ slightly, and while a color-stay fixative was applied, it is recommended that you wash by hand or on its own with cold water.

Apron Size: 28" x 35"

Since I am still new to dying textiles, some of these aprons came out with minor imperfections like dye freckles and uneven color application. These are available at a discounted price but will do everything a regular apron can do!