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Stash Jar Shoe Charm

Stash Jar Shoe Charm

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It's the ultimate on-the-go stash jar... for your crocs! Perfect for your medicine, tiny trinkets, everything but the bagel seasoning, herbs, and loads more!

Color and sprinkle type will be selected at random :)

Charm measures 3cm wide and will stand a total of 4cm tall (bottom of jar to top of the cherry stem). Container dimensions are 3 cm x 1.5 cm

To add your charms - Push the edge of the charm into the hole at an angle and push down on the top of the charm until it pops into place.

To remove, push the bottom of the charm upward through the inside of the shoe and gently wiggle it up and out.

DO NOT pull up directly on the charm, or you may damage it.

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