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Water Bottle Shoulder Strap

Water Bottle Shoulder Strap

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The water bottle handle that changed your life just got BETTER (I know, I'm amazed it was possible too)

The shoulder strap buckles in to the paracord on the water bottle handle for seamless and remarkably easy changes back and forth between handle and strap. To return to your handle, simply unbuckle the longer strap and re-buckle the handle to it's other side.

PLEASE READ: If you do NOT already have a water bottle handle, you will need to purchase the Handle & Strap option. The strap is NOT functional without a handle to attach it to. If you already have a water bottle handle that you purchased previously, you can just order the strap on its own.


  • Shorter Purple Strap: shoulder strap attachment measures 29 inches. When attached to your handle, the total length will be 38 inches. Only available in purple.
  • Longer Purple Strap:  shoulder strap attachment measures 40 inches. When attached to your handle, the total length will be 49 inches. Available in purple or white.

Made of paracord in a sunflower pattern in white/yellow or purple/yellow. The handle is made to fit wide mouth water bottles. Plastic ring measures 6.5 cm in diameter. The ring can be removed and the green cord adjusted to fit any size water bottle.

For a video on how to get it on your bottle, click HERE

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