A Higher-Quality 4/20: 10 Cute and Functional Smoking Accessories to Add to Your Cannabis Collection

A Higher-Quality 4/20: 10 Cute and Functional Smoking Accessories to Add to Your Cannabis Collection

Alaura Jacobs | April 19, 2023 

    Happy Holiday! Here's our 4/20 smoking accessory roundup

    If you’ve walked into a smoke shop recently, you’ve probably noticed the accessories are styled across a broad range of rasta-themed to hyper-masculine. Despite women also being people (crazy, we know) and smoking weed, most paraphernalia is falling short on the cuteness scale. In preparation for this upcoming 4/20, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite smoke accessories that are both cute and functional from our favorite brands —- plus a few new items coming to The Peach Fuzz store this holiday season! 

    First things first, something to smoke out of

    Shop Janey is a one-stop-shop for adorable smoking accessories. One of our favs is this ombre wiggly pipe, and for only $28, it may be worth getting one for home and one for your picnic basket.



    A tamping stick that’s not just a bent bobby pin

    Edie-Parker is “where fashion meets flower,” and has the cutest acrylic tamping sticks that can honestly be used for all kinds of things: hair pin, cocktail stirrer, bubble blower? 



    Smell-proof stash bag for your really dank herbs (or for when visiting your parent's house)

    One of our favorites from this year's Peach Fuzz Baked Sale is the locking, smell-proof stash bag. It’s super cute and inconspicuous enough in a purse or bookbag, but keeps your goodies safe with a personalized lock and prevents those around you from smelling your baked goods. 



    An ashtray made for cowgirls, by cowgirls

    Canna Style does. Not. Miss. on smoke accessories. From strawberry lighters to the cutest bongs, We’re absolutely obsessed with these cowgirl hat ashtrays. Cute? Check. Functional? Check. Could leave it on the coffee table as just decor when your family comes to visit? Check check check.



    Rolling papers so cute you won't want to burn them

    Shop Burning Love has pre-rolls and papers galore. Our favs include the lucky devil and the cow print (we have a type, clearly).


    Polly Pothead Stash Box to make your inner child happy

    Great for storing joints, edibles, or bud while you’re on the go. And since it’s a portable, non-squishable container, you can put just about anything in there — gum, candy, bobby pins, medication, jewelry, pom pom balls (just us?), dog treats, tums, erasers, tiny treasures, rocks you found at the beach, hopes and dreams …


    Lighters you’ll never lose again (unless your friends steal them!)

    Looking for a lighter as hot as you, that you can’t (as easily) lose in the couch cushions? Friends NYC has you covered with their jumbo matchstick lighter. Or, get a pack of their “music icon” lighters for you and the gals.

    Vintage-inspired rolling tray for when you’re baked and baking

    Nana's Favorite Rolling Tray pays tribute to your favorite decorative bakeware. Easy to clean and convenient to use, it’s perfect for rolling up your goodies or using as a decorative tray.


    Joint roller, because you don’t need a man

    Rolling a jay can be a super skill to bring to the party, but when you’re in a pinch and not willing to waste your cute new rolling papers, this joint roller comes in clutch. Just add your flower, slip the paper in, and close the box, out pops a perfect joint.. Like a little de-stress vending machine.


    Bonus: Literally everything from Houseplants.

    Is there anything Seth Rogan can’t do? If you feel like splurging, houseplants has some beautiful pieces for smoking, lighting, rolling, and even listening (he really is a professional stoner, huh?)


    Smoking ouid doesn't have to be a dull and colorless experience. Add some stylish and functional smoking accessories to your routine that you wouldn’t hate to leave out on the coffee table.

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