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How To: Beat Creative Block

Okay so I would totally be lying if I said I had mastered the art of overcoming creative block - I'm honestly not sure anyone has. BUT I have come up with a few go-to methods for dodging its grasp.

5 Steps to Help You Beat Creative Block 

1. Be patient with yourself and take a break! I know, probably not what you wanted to hear but it's the best thing you can do for yourself. We all experience burnout. Even a few days off can help replenish your creative juices. You will have another creative idea again, I promise!

2. Use an online thesaurus! This is SO helpful if you have a topic you know you want to focus on but not sure how to approach it. For example, I searched for slang, synonyms and related phrases to "pot" when I was struggling to come up with designs for 4/20. I saw "baked" and it sparked ideas of a pretty decorated cake that reads "let's get baked". Boom, new idea incited!

@thepeachfuzz.co Inspiration is allowed! Copying is not! Here’s a little look at how I adapted this early 2000s sticker to my own💕 all profits benefit national abortion funds🙌🏼🫡 #procreate #drawwithme #stickerapp #artistsoftiktok ♬ SUMMER RENAISSANCE - Beyoncé

3. Browse Pinterest (with caution)! We all know that ripping off another artist's work is a big no-no, but gathering images, quotes, and themes that *inspire* you is totally allowed! This is my go-to for sourcing color palettes too!

4. Write down your brainstorm! Write every idea down no matter how confident you are in it or how developed it is. These notes can serve as a great jumping-off point for you in the future. Don't let any ideas fall victim to your already overworked memory! You'll thank yourself later.

5. Circle back! 99.9% of the art I put out was started months ago, abandoned in my "work in progress" folder on procreate, revisited a few times, and THEN was finally finished when the inspiration randomly aligned. Let that shit marinate baby!

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