All the Stockists I've Loved Before

All the Stockists I've Loved Before

Below is a list of all of the retailers (boutiques, coffee shops, online shops, museum gift shops, stationery stores, etc) I know are on Faire. 

This list doubles as a great list of cool stores to visit wherever you may visit. It has all 50 states, 3 continents, and multiple countries.

Good luck and have fun! 


Feel free to comment with updates or corrections (if a shop has moved, closed down, etc) and any other shops you know of!

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We’re a supplier on Faire, we specialize in unique and exclusive beaded headbands and jewelry. We’re a spa, jewelry, and accessories brand.

Charles Burchell

Golden Grove Collective is actually in Ashland. OR (not Talent) and their website is


Thanks so much for this artist resource! I’m in northampton, ma! Just noticed that the 25Central shops website is down btw, they might be oob

Paige Quinn-Vasic

Thank you so much for sharing this list! It’s super valuable for creative business like ours :)


Hi! We (formally Party Art Community) are now Be Nice Have Fun. Also, we are based in Los Angeles. :)

So very happy to be on this list!

Destinie Escobedo

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