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Calling all freelancers and commission-takers! I have created a directory for us to gather all of our information so we can more easily refer projects to one another and find people for our own commission needs. 

There are categories for illustrators, writers, web developers, social media marketers, and more! Don't see where you fit? Just enter your info under the "other" category. 


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Hi there!

To give you a well rounded idea of what I can provide, I am proficient in all of the following:

3D Modeling – for design assets, prototyping, jewelry, signage, etc.
Jewelry – I make Sterling Silver jewelry – you can find that at
Photography – PDP imagery, still life product photography, Ghost mannequin
Photo Retouching – This is my actual job that I do for Thrive Market – I’ve been with Fashion brands, Beauty brands, and Retouching agencies
Graphic Design – Logos and illustrations and bringing those to life via signage

Let me know if that might of interest to you!

You can find my portfolio at

Thank you!

Jackie Estay

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