2023 Craft Show Recaps

My goal for 2023 was to try as many new events as I possibly could. Not all were winners - in fact some were complete busts - but we learned lots at each one so here is a little summary of how they all compared and what we took away from these events. 

SXSW x Renegade

I was really excited to have this event on my resume, something that I really think blinded me to any and all red flags I was seeing. The event was in a 2nd floor ballroom of a hotel completely unrelated to SXSW. There was very little signage, and most of us either didn't or just barely broke even. You can see the video recap I did here talking about just how fumbled this event was. New rule of thumb is to never do events that have never happened before. 

I did have to fly for this event, so all inventory and displays had to fit in my suitcases, apart from the tables.

Renegade Craft SF

I had already been accepted to this event before I attended the SXSW event. This was my first time doing a Renegade Craft event (other than SXSW). They provide no booth dividers or backdrops, nor do they provide internet. This event is most comparable to WCC.

West Coast Craft SF - Summer

West Coast Craft is always a favorite of mine. They just treat us so well! You get backdrops, wifi, a cute little tote bag and some treats. This one was especially fun because it was Pride month and I had tons of new stuff! Plus! We finally got a corner!

I tried mixing the pins in with the stickers this time so that the matching designs would be side by side - not sure if that was the reason for the dip in enamel pin sales? People were also a little confused that I had more around the corner (on the other side of the pegboards).

West Coast Craft Market

This event happens monthly, and is much smaller and outdoors. It is only one day and for shorter hours - which really puts things in perspective when you compare the sales from this event to those from the 3-day SXSW event...

My corner layout worked great here! A lot less confusion about more stuff being around the corner - maybe because it was all under one tent? I was also pleasantly surprised that we didn't have too much trouble with wind!

Outside Lands

For a full rundown of this event, check out my complete debrief HERE.

West Coast Craft SF - Winter

One of my favorite booth layouts to date! It really felt like I had created my own little store and I was obsessed. Items making up the "other" category here are mostly mystery bags and clearance bins I had out. 

San Jose Made - Winter

 I had never done this event and was pumped to try it out, but ultimately I will likely not be doing it again. The hours were super long (11-7...on thanksgiving weekend), it was pretty dead by 5PM every day, and I had to drive about an hour there and back. 400+ vendors is just too much - customers would say they were doing a first lap but then couldn't find you when they came back through because it was just so huge. People didn't seem as willing to purchase as at WCC either. Print sales were impacted as I only had them displayed on the backdrop behind me and people had to ask to receive one. This was my second craft show back to back so I was just soooo over it all by this point lol


I also did a small event at the Princess Diaries house with about 15-20 other vendors. Not bad for a small show!

And lastly I did a mini craft show put on at the Levi's HQ for their employees to come and shop. That one was soooo slow.

If you'd like to learn more about my craft show tips, check out my How To Craft Show blog, along with my other craft show debriefs and list of vendable events!

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