Where To Shop For Your Small Business

If you're anything like me, you HUNT for the best deals on everything in your life, and your small biz is no different. I have scoured the web and tried a ton of different resources across my years running TPF to finally arrive at this list of my faves that are the best bang for your buck (and don't have absolute scum CEOs). 


Why I Love Them: incredible quality (waterproof, weatherproof, 2-4 year minimum outdoor life), best per-unit cost, huge range of materials (order their sample pack so you can see all of the different options like mirror, glitter, glow in the dark, and more), great customer service (they are very quick to reissue any stickers that arrive with any printing issues), and always FREE SHIPPING!



Busy Beaver Buttons
Best For: round buttons, magnets, bottle openers, and more
Why I Love Them: woman-owned, competitive prices, eco-friendly practices (products are created in a solar-powered, geothermal facility using US-made recycled steel parts, a combination of recycled and sustainably reforested papers, and non-toxic toner), fabulous customer service, allows you to add your name to the edge of the buttons, and FREE SHIPPING!


Best For: enamel pins, patches, enamel keychains
Why I Love Them: they are a great place to start your enamel pin journey. They have artists on staff that will convert your design to a mock-up and work with you to make any color or detail tweaks you want. The team is super nice and makes the whole process a lot less intimidating.
Downsides: You will be paying a bit more per-unit than if you were working directly with a manufacturer, but when you are starting out, having them as your liaison really eases the process     


Tiny Fish Printing
Best For: shirts, embroidered hats, sweatshirts, tie dye goods
Why I Love Them: A small biz with BIG capabilities, excellent customer service, will work with you to get exactly what you want, some of the best prices I've found. 
Downsides: They have wayyyy more items available than they show online! But just ask about what you are looking for because they probably make it!

Other garment manufacturers I've heard great things about:
Night Owls: they make products for Kristina Micotti, Crocodile Jackson, Buggirl200, Mean Machine, Tragic Girls - basically all of the icons. They do a huge range of products too! Including hats, croc charms, and mugs.
Kitty Box Press: great team, great ethics, and the best part - ONLINE DESIGNER!!!
Unitas Printing: they hire formerly incarcerated persons and only print on garments that meet high quality and ethical guidelines (no sweatshops ever!) A truly kick ass company!
Best For: art prints, business cards for pin backings, "thanks for your order" cards, return address labels, custom stamps, and more
Why I Love Them: Reliable quality, lots of options, super affordable basics that you can utilize for a huge range of uses, lots of sales/discounts (use Honey!), very easy to get a refund if there is any issue with your order at all
Special Deals: Always check out with less than you actually want because it offers you a “bonus buy” after checkout that’s like “25 more prints for 60% off”



**Avoid ULINE at all costs!! They may have the best prices and largest offering of products, but their politics are HORRENDOUS! Check out this instagram post to learn more about their hateful beliefs and the insane amount of money their founders have contributed to dangerous hard-right conservative causes and politicians - something they openly advertise in their catalogs and newsletters. Honestly even amazon would be a better option!

Best For: mailer boxes, recycled mailers, jewelry/gift boxes, chipboard, padding/filler, tissue paper, gift bags, etc
Why I Love Them: even when including the sometimes pricey shipping costs, they continue to have the best per-unit costs I have found. Quality is always impeccable and shipping is pretty quick!
Special Deals: PMSAVE5 gets you 5% off $200. They will occasionally offer free shipping so when they do, STOCK UP!

Magic Water Supply
Best For: chipboard for packaging prints
Why I Love Them: they always have what I need in stock, and the shipping is VERY fast and FREE!

Clear Bags
Best For: compostable clear sleeves, nice packaging
Why I Love Them: fast, affordable, huge selection

Hero Packaging
Best For: zero-waist compostable mailers (in PINK)
Why I Love Them: insanely fast!!! and much cheaper than Noissue!


 Poly Mailers


Cello Sleeves




Decorative Stickers for packaging


Flat merchandise sleeves (I use for bagging up stickers, also have much more)


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You are absolutely Amazing!!!!

Leslie Westphal

thank you so much for this list!! if anyone is looking for compostable mailers, i use betterpackaging.com ! they’re the most affordable compostable bubble mailers i’ve found, quick to ship & you get a free sample of your choice with every order!

alyssa giannini

Hi, thanks a lot for all the content. I was wondering where did you manage to personalize your hair clippers ? Thanks a lot


You are an absolute gem.


Any ideas on where/how to get custom Washi tape? This is one product that I find near impossible to find any info on other than to go through Alibaba.com which is really hard to navigate.
I appreciate your free resources, thank you very much!!!

Joan Scherry

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