Frequently Asked Questions

✿ How do I contact you? 
Please email (make sure you aren’t sending to .com if you are having issues) There is just one of me but I do my best to respond to emails daily Monday-Friday. Please do not DM on instagram about your order - they will get swallowed whole and won’t help either of us there!

Are any of the profits donated? 
YES!!! To date, I have been able to donate over $23,000 to RAICES, The Last Prisoner Project, Root & Rebound, immigration bond and bail funds, and other relevant charities with the profits from my products here! I am always open to adding new charities to that list or partnering on fundraising efforts so please contact me the deets of any you think would be a good fit!

✿ Do you sell wholesale? 
I sure do! You can shop my wholesale catalogue on Faire. I also offer wholesale pricing for bulk orders intended for fundraisers, clubs, large events, etc. so please reach out if you are interested in such! 

✿ Why can’t I get my lighter to work? ✿
Lighters will NOT function right out of the package (USPS doesn’t exactly love dealing with flammables). But filling it up is super easy! Get yourself some lighter fluid (NOT butane gas), follow THIS video and enjoy!

✿ When is _______ getting restocked? 
Your best friend when it comes to restock info will be my newsletter! You'll get sneak peeks at products before they even go live and notifications when there is a launch or a sale (plus pictures of Tippy!) You can also follow my Instagram for updates and countdown reminders.

✿ When will my order be shipped? 
I fulfill orders on Mondays and Thursdays and ship them out the following days (Tuesday and Friday). 

✿ Where the heck is my package? 
Love your excitement to receive your products! Here's your best course of action:

1. Check that tracking number with cautious optimism! The USPS does their best, but sometimes scans get skipped and things can take a bit longer to arrive. Per USPS guidelines, mail will not be considered "lost" until 30 days have passed, although most will arrive within 1-2 weeks.

2. Does your tracking info say it is delivered but there is no package to be found? This is normal and is the result of parcels being scanned prematurely or out of order by USPS. It will normally arrive in the next day or two.

3. Check with your postal worker directly or with your local USPS branch - they have a LOT more power and info than I do from my little desk hundreds of miles away. 

4. If all of these signs point to missing in action, just let me know! I will most often re-send your order as these things happen. Please note, I cannot refund shipping or cover the shipping costs on orders that have been returned to sender or were the result of any error made while inputting your shipping address. As someone who has ordered things to the wrong address before, I know this sucks, but I can't afford to swallow those costs like big boy Bezos can.

  What is your favorite ice cream flavor? 
Great question! Hands down it's raspberry chip from Graeters (iykyk)

Do you take commissions? 
No, but I can refer you to a fellow artist based on what you are looking for!

✿ Do you accept returns? 
I don't :/ but if there is any issue with your order please email me and I will do my best to make it better!

✿ Okay but you still didn’t answer my question... ✿ 
Send that question over to and I’ll answer the heck out of it for you! But please do not DM me for questions about your specific order as it will get lost in there! Email only for those issues please!