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Fake Cake Grinder

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Be the life of the party with the *Fake* Fake Cake Grinder! It is baked-to-perfection with a round cake design on all sides - complete with cherries and sprinkles - and "Let's get baked" as the literal icing on top. It is sure to be the most useful novelty food item in your household (sorry adorable anthropomorphic strawberry salt and pepper shakers! You had a good run.) This handheld treasure has four swoon-worthy chambers (YES! I got us the NICE kind) including a keef catcher and the little scraper thing. You know the one.

Grinder measures just shy of 2 inches in diameter.

Absolutely and positively meant for grinding COOKING and BAKING herbs ONLY ;)

"Imperfect" grinders have superficial and minor scrapes in the paint where the pieces meet OR are otherwise perfect, but the print on the sides is stretched out. 

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