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JoAnns Run Bestie Glitter Bumper Sticker

JoAnns Run Bestie Glitter Bumper Sticker

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Get in bestie! We're going on a much needed trip to JoAnn! 

Vinyl water resistant sticker with glossy finish and glitter detail. Measures 8 x 2.5 inches.

Materials and Care:
fully waterproof
Feature UV screening to protect against weather and sunlight
✿ 2-4 year minimum outdoor life

Perfect sticker for your laptop, water bottle, notebook, and even your car!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Courtney B.
A New Spin on a Modern Classic

Even bigger than the Michael's sticker, so extra readable for people in the car behind you at stoplights. 12/10

This Sticker Read My Mind

Got this sticker for my friend who brought me to JoAnn three times over our winter break, who received it in the mail and promptly slapped it on their car and took it to JoAnn once again. So far, it is weathering the Wisconsin winter well! If the cutie at the fabric counter doesn’t have a crush on my friend already, they certainly will now.