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Public Transit Bumper Sticker

Public Transit Bumper Sticker

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Bumper to bumper traffic? No thanks! I'd rather be riding public transit!

Vinyl water resistant sticker with glossy finish and glitter detail. Measures 7 x 3.2 inches.

Materials and Care:
fully waterproof
Feature UV screening to protect against weather and sunlight
✿ 2-4 year minimum outdoor life

Perfect sticker for your laptop, water bottle, notebook, and even your car!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dianna P.
Putting this on my car

Unfortunately can’t take public transit where I am. Hopefully will inspire others.

Zoe C.
I'm letting them know

I can definitely sense that everyone viewing this sticker has an increased love for public transit and that they'll encourage their government officials to fund efficient and helpful public transit!

Chelsea C.
Perfect for the former NYer now living in car-centric suburbia... me! I slapped a magnet on this bad boy as to not damage my new car. Would be awesome if it came with a magnet option!

Amanda C.
Super cute!!

Quality sticker!