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Reflection of The Coolest Girls I've Known Holo Sticker

Reflection of The Coolest Girls I've Known Holo Sticker

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I am a collage of all of the cool phrases, attitudes, fashion, ideas, and makeup of all the coolest girls I have ever known, reflected back like a mirror ball.

Gender neutral option available HERE

Vinyl water resistant sticker with glossy finish and glitter detail. Measures 2.4 x 2.4 inches featuring a disco ball with holographic details and text surrounding the disco ball reading "I am but a reflection of all the coolest girls I have ever known".

Materials and Care:
 fully waterproof
 Feature UV screening to protect against weather and sunlight
✿ 2-4 year minimum outdoor life

Perfect sticker for your laptop, water bottle, notebook, and even your car!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Courtney E.
Great Gift!

I cannot wait to give these to my best Girl Friends!

Kate E.
Perfect thing to share with Friends

These are so cute. Perfect size and are a great small gift for friends.

Order doesn't ship if you don't pay for tracking

I, like others who did not pay for tracking, never received my $50 order. Apparently it was "lost" in the mail like everyone else's order when they didn't pay extra for tracking, I have never experienced a merchant losing my order in the mail, but it seems to happen to this shop routinely

All of our orders are shipped out within one week of receiving them. Per our shop policies, stickers are sent with a stamp if you do not choose to pay for tracked shipping. This is how we can afford to offer free shipping. This happens 'routinely' because we are doing around 400 orders every week so statistically, some of those are going to get lost by USPS. I will probably just go back to charging the tracked shipping rate on all orders to avoid being accused of being a fraud. Thank you.

Rachel H.
The cutest!

These are freaking adorable, I have to order more because I realized when I got the first few I actually want to give them to all my girls. 10/10

So cute!

Great quality, good size